Trumpet Vines and Blooms

  Trumpet Vines and Blooms Ink, Watercolor and Oil on Yupo Paper 26" x 40" 2021   Annually the perennial trumpet vine in North Texas shares its leaves, vines and blooms on numerous trellises, fences and against exterior walls. It's shapes and spaces inspired...

Quiet Evening

  Quiet Evening Oil on Yupo Paper 20 1/8" x 25 5/8" 2020$900Grateful this painting will be on view at Nuu Muse Gallery in Dallas, TX for the Women In Art Reflection exhibition from March 4 - 27, 2021. There will be an opening reception planned on March 13,...

Driftwood 4 – Blue Wood

  Driftwood 4 - Blue Wood Oil on Yupo Paper 20" x 26" 2021 $900

Summer Leaves 3

  Summer Leaves 3 Oil on Yupo Paper 20" x 26" 2020 $900 Grateful that Summer Leaves 3, a painting in the Wood and Leaves series, was on view in Kansas City, MO from February 3 –  25, 2021.A nod to enjoying the outdoors more during COVID-19 for safety and to stay...

Summer Leaves 2

  Summer Leaves 2 Oil on Yupo Paper 20" x 26" 2020 $900

Summer Leaves 1

  Summer Leaves 1 Mixed Media on Yupo Paper 20" x 26" 2020 $900

Chama River 1

  Chama River 1 Oil Monotype 9" x 12"2018Photo by Harrison Evans Photography EXHIBITIONS: Grateful that Chama River 1 was accepted into The Conroe Art League's 6th annual CAL National exhibition where 60 artworks were selected from 615 pieces of art from 34...