Ink, Watercolor and Oil on Yupo Paper
26″ x 40″ Image
31 1/4″ x 45 1/4″ Frame
Available at Jack Meier Gallery in Houston, TX
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Photo by Teresa Rafidi

Irises was inspired by the many occasions in our lives where irises are traded or gifted among family members or neighbors, transplanted from garden-to-garden. Irises are offered, given or exchanged like gift-giving as a language of Kindness. Irises are also the hardiest of bulbs that announce the beginning of Spring with their early blooms, singing the praises of sunlight and longer days. These irises blow in the wind and dance in the Sun’s rays.

Whether a mass of color blur or the focal point of a bloom like a botanical illustration, each is recording its environment and time. A meditative connection to the wild land comes with observation and ecological awareness.