Grateful that New Terrain  solo art exhibition will be on view at Strata Gallery Santa Fe from  September 6 to September  24, 2022.

Opening reception on Friday, September 9,2022 from 5-7pm. Looking forward to seeing you there.​

Julie’s paintings, inspired by the outdoors, especially arid terrain, will be shown at Strata Gallery, Santa Fe in September. England paints earth tones and saturated color with a sense of place, imagination and yearning. She invites the viewer to travel through the terrain towards the horizon, where earth melds with sky.

This body of work includes paintings with aerial perspective over Georgia O’Keeffe’s New Mexico properties. Discussions with the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum about photographing her sites from the air led to using their photographs for reference. The choice of aerial perspective was triggered by O’Keeffe’s Clouds Above Sky series from 1965, where land observed from the airplane window was a most original pictorial idea and is now commonplace. An aerial view enhances the viewer’s awareness of space and invites one to immediately enter the foreground.

Additional landscape paintings feature color and mark-making that convey energy from nature. Paint gestures capture topology enabling a sense of movement while standing still.

Strata Gallery Santa Fe
418 Cerillos Road, Suite 1-C, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501