Fall Colors – SOLD

Acrylic and Oil on Yupo Paper
20″ x 26″

Photo by Teresa Rafidi

Frequently I am asked: how long does it take to paint a painting? The answer is a long time. Usually it’s because I paint several paintings in parallel. However, Fall Colors took an extra long time. I started in Fall, 2021. Then, I was notified that I had to move out of my leased art studio by 10/31/21. After a move out and move into a temporary space, the hunt began for a new work space. After a search, negotiating a new multi-year lease and building out the space for an art studio, the move in occurred in March, 2022. It takes a while to settle in and feel the vibe of the new space. You’ll be seeing several paintings being completed in 2022 that were started in 2021 before relocation.


NEW TERRAIN Solo Exhibition
September 6 – September 24, 2022
Strata Gallery
418 Cerrillos Road, Suite, 1-C
Santa Fe, NM 87501