Vine on Trellis

Ink, Watercolor and Oil on Yupo
48″ x 60″


Annually the perennial cross vine in North Texas shares its leaves, vines and blooms on numerous trellises, fences and against exterior walls. It’s shapes and spaces inspired ideas that evolved into Cross Vines Climbing The Walls. Since 2020 we spent more time outside during the global pandemic to seek safety and connection to neighbors to overcome isolation. “Outdoor rooms” in front and back yards or on the street became our gathering places. Vines frequently cover these outdoor walls.  We heard about loneliness, isolation from loved ones, job loss, stress from working at home and school at home.

My paintings are inspired by experiences of outdoor places. Being outdoors can be a link to childhood freedom. I was raised on a rural Wisconsin pine tree farm where trees beckoned to me as imaginary childhood friends. My connection to outdoor energy is like a comfortable adventure.

Natural, organic imagery is my focus, followed by mark-making and use of material transparencies. My work includes botanical forms and gestures, using color as a vehicle to convey energy from nature. I create images of imaginary botanical environments inviting my viewers to visit.