Grateful to host my first multi-artist pop-up art exhibition with four fabulous artists in Dallas, TX in the GROUP OF FIVE, 3-Day Exhibition that was on view from  November 3, 2022 to November 5, 2022. Thanks to all of our visitors.

   Cassandra Black
   Julie England
   Lin Medlin
   Nishiki Sugawara-Beda
   Mary Vernon

England Art Studio
135 Howell Street, Dallas, TX 75207

In 2022, I am celebrating the eleven-year anniversary of starting to oil paint. It’s been a pleasure to walk this path and enjoy the journey. This quote expresses well how each step built on the prior step; there is an experiential learning that cannot be cut short. “The reality is, improving yourself does not happen overnight. It takes a lot of time, and it helps to have a purpose driving you forward. There is so much potential in each of us. Pursue something that will put a smile on your face and don’t put limits on yourself. You may be amazed at what you accomplish.”